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Download our professionally written website CONTENT & PLANNING DOCUMENT and edit it to prepare all the written content for your website. You will need to set aside approximately 2 HOURS to complete the written content, so grab a coffee and strap yourself in. Once completed you just need to collect your logo, some photographs and submit them along with the planning document through our SUBMIT CONTENT FORM. And remember, don’t worry about getting everything perfect. Progress is better than perfection!

What We Will Be Collecting From You

The Icons Below Describe All the Items We Will Need to Collect From You to Complete Your Website Build

Click the purple button above to Download The Content Planning Document. The content in this document has been written by a professional copywriter specifically for CrossFit boxes and functional fitness gyms. This will save you hours and hours (or thousands of dollars paying a copywriter to write it for you). Feel free to use the content as is or edit it to suit your needs! Along with this content document here is a complete list of everything we will be collecting form you to set up your website…

Your Logo Files

We will need you to provide a copy of your logo an in editable format (.ai, .eps or .pdf). Don’t have your logo sorted yet? Let us know and we can help design one for you.

Your Completed Written Content

Use our sample content as is or edit it to suit your needs. If you don’t have time to modify it yet, no problems. Send it in as is and you can always change the text in the website after we give you the login details. It’s super simple!

Photographs To Use

We need at least 12 high resolution photos to complete your website build along with photos for your coaches and pictures of the people who gave you testimonials/member stories. These images will need to be submitted through the Content Submission form or uploaded into the Google Drive folder that we supplied to you.

The Content Submission Form Completed

The Content Submission form needs to be completed by uploading your logo files, photographs (if you have any) and your edited written content document for us to begin work on your website.

Logins To Your Domain Name

We will require access to your domain name so that we can take your website live once you are 100% happy with the site. For you this might be login details to GoDaddy, Net registry, etc.

Access To Any Third Party Apps

If you are integrating your website with any third party applications, we will need you to test and supply these login details to us in your planning document.

You're Almost Finished! We'll Go Put on Our Party Pants!

Submit your content below and your project manager will get you booked in for your planning session to kickoff your build.

After you submit your planning you will be booked in for a video planning session with one of our website strategists to kickoff your website build.